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We can't bake cookies, but we can make inside delightful.
We can't mash potatoes, but we can make the holidays bright.
Voice Control Scene #7 - Turn Off House (:15 sec.)
Voice Control Scene #6 - Movie Time (:15 sec.)
Voice Control Scene #5 - Dim Lights (:15 sec.)
Voice Control Scene #4 - Dinner Time (:15 sec.)
Voice Control Scene #3 - Cooking (:15 sec.)
Voice Control Scene #2 - Welcome (:15 sec.)
Voice Control Scene #1 - Turn on House (:15 sec.)
Control4 & Amazon Alexa - Voice Control For Your Entire Smart Home
Home Automation Possibilities with Control4 & Amazon Alexa
TOP GOLF + SAVI + Control4
Introduction to the EA Series
Experience Smart Home Living with Control4
Design & Technology for Autism
CEDIA 2015 Event Kickoff Video (OS 2.8)
The New Control4 Experience (OS 2.8)
The Smarter Living Experience
Control4 - Home Theater. Simplified.
Home Automation Goes Modular
Total Home Control (No CTA)
Control4 Turns Your Home Into Entertainment Central!
Home Automation Overview
Smart People want Smart Homes
Control4 - Home Automation Solutions for Everyone
Wireless Lighting Product Family
How Sports Bar Restaurant Technology Can Improve Business
Meeting and Conference Room Technology Solutions
Conference Room Automation System Technology
Building with Automation
Adding Value To Your Home With A Smart Home Technology System
A Dream Home with State-of-the-Art Lighting Control
Advantages of Office Automation System Software
Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Smart Hotel Automation
Smart Control Automation System for Training and Fitness Gyms
Home Automation & Whole Home Audio in Former Bobby Darin Home
Smart Automation System Makes a Hi-Tech Summer Camp for Girls
Hotel Room Automation at the Montage Deer Valley-HD
Automated Equestrian Center
Green Beautiful & in Control-SD
Hotel Automation Software and Room Control System - Montage Beverly Hills
Automation for Autism
Smart Condo Apartment With Whole Home Audio and Control4
Smart Control & Rock 'n' Roll
Control for the Holidays
Control4 Automation at MainStreet America
Smart in Sarasota – Elevated Lighting & Sophisticated Home Control
Control FORE- The Ace of Automation
Beautiful Control4 Smart Home in Kent UK
High Altitude High-Tech Automation in Equador
Intelligent Lighting for the Interior Designer
New Wireless Smart Lighting Solutions
An Intelligent Ski-Chalet on the Japanese Alps
An Artistic Automated Bachelor Pad
Smart Apartment on the Thames
Asian-Inspired Automated Oasis
Smart Home Solutions are a Family Affair
Welcome to a Smart Hotel
Automation Turned Haunt-omation
Brilliant in Boston
Big Beautiful and Brilliant in the Bahamas
Control4 Home Automation Showcase in Posh Belgravia Neighborhood
Control4 in Times Square
Animation & Automation
Demonstrating Control4 Panelized Lighting
Outdoor Home Automation - Smart Home Control Systems For Outside
Control4 App For Your Smart Home
Home Automation System Demo of Control4 Smart Home Technology
Control4 - What Media Distribution Can Do For You
Control4 on Daily Lounge w- Bob Guiney
Benefits of Home Automation Systems - What Can You Control
Affordable Home Automation Systems - Is Home Control Expensive
The Smarter Living Experience (Chinese)
Total Home Control (Chinese)
Hospitality Experience (Chinese)
Control4 Home Automation Controllers - HC-800 & HC-250 Demo
4Thought A Control4 Foundation-HD
Remote Recharging Station
MyControl4 Account and Website Overview
TuneIn User Guide
Adding and Editing Lighting Scenes
Audio Streaming with TuneIn
Access Agent Setup and Use
Control4 Home Quick Setup